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Data recovery software for iPod

Data recovery software for iPod has been designed specially for music lovers who loose their favorite music tracks, song files, playlist, audio files and folders etc due to different data loss situations and want to restore songs back in original form. Data recovery software for iPod instantly recovers music, song files and directories that have been corrupted, formatted or lost because of iPod update and restoration setting, software malfunctioning, factory reset operations, logically crashed disk, human error etc.
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Software Features
  • Music unerase wizard enables file access when disk partition volume is not recognized by Desktop PC, Laptop etc while accessing iPod as a removable media in ‘My Computer’.
  • Advance iPod data recovery software backups data to an exact copy.
  • Songs rescue software optimize file layout of the music.
  • Data undelete utility helps in maintaining consistency while recovery processing.
iPod song recovery software supports restoration of MP3 file, audio, video (mp3, aac/m4a, Protected aac, aiff, wav, mpeg-4, QuickTime video formats etc), pictures, digital images (jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff, png) etc from all major models of Apple’s iPod music player including following and next generation series-
  • iPod Classic (hard drive based), iPod Mini (digital audio player)
  • iPod Touch (touch screen), iPod Nano (video capable)
  • iPod Shuffle (screen less) and other latest generation iPod models.
iPod music file retrieval tool uses disk scanning algorithm named Advance Search and Standard Search to find, repair and locate lost music files and audio, video recordings etc from inaccessible disk of iPod media player even if your system is displaying error messages like-
  • ‘iPod can’t be updated, the required folder can’t be found’.
  • ‘Disk is locked’.
  • ‘Failed to locate supported file types or there are no photos found on device’ and other system messages.